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      劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶    The Mind, and  Early Life of  H Kan Lau 

I. 「太極」,「道 ,德」,「精 ,氣 ,神」:




「氣 」是人體內「糾纏量子粒子」狀態改動的資訊。


II. The following is a working example of 劉漢根 sharing information in space and time: 

1. 前世「糾纏量子粒子」種子  Entangled Particles Heritage:

Our 劉氏 family was inherited from 劉永, son of 劉傋, and 四川益州的吳夫人.

Since Southern Sung dynasty, descendants from 鎮守粤東潮州都统制的劉開七,settled at 粤東潮陽金溪鄉.

清末民初,祖父劉振玉生五子,父親受曾祖父學風影響,上大學堂,受命民國外交官, 叔伯們共營劉廉記祖業,


2. 「道 ,德」:

Since childhood, Daddy taught me that great grand father had told him that 「道」had been the power controlling us outside of
our humanly bodies.「德」had been the power inside of our bodies driving and controlling us. Our entire life would be our
internal 「德」working with the exterior 「道」.

3. After LIFE Seeds for Generating  Entangled Quantum Particles & Information

3-1. Before and After the Pacific War:

Father was assigned to the Chinese Consulate in Sandakan, British North Borneo before the outbreak of the Pacific War.
After the Japanese Navy and Army landed Sandakan, father resorted to retreat to an isolated island to survive with the family
by primitive farming and hunting. I was born on the island in such a natural setting. By 1945, daddy liaised  with  聯軍   to help
their landing. In the process, the Japanese army found their way to capture daddy.  Daddy escaped and the remaining members
of the family was arrested and slaughtered in the evening.  Somehow, at that time I run over to our neighbor, 昌伯's house and

3-2. Civil War and Liberation:

In 1947, at the midst of Civil War, father and me returned to our ancestral base in 汕頭. After Liberation of 汕頭 in 1949, father
and the family returned to our ancestral home.
By 1951, purges of Landlords and Land Reform began. Great uncle was detained and sent to the Reform Camp. Second Uncle and
Daddy escaped to Hong Kong.
In 1952, I was sent to my maternal auntie's home in GuangZhou.
In September 1956, I got a permit to reunite with daddy in Hong Kong.

3-3. 1956 to 1965:
Primary School: Holy Trinity School
Munsang College
Diocesan Boys School

3-4. 1965-1977: Canada:
3-4-1.  1965-1970
        McGill University, Montreal        
3-4-2.  1970-1974
        University of Toronto
        Adaptive Optimal Information Control of Canadian Econometric Model
3-4-3.  1974-1977
        Reed Limited, Toronto

4.  1977-1982 Hong Kong, Systems
     After returning to Hong Kong, I began adopting  Adaptive Optimal Information Control
     strategy to monitor my personal life, in terms of continuously understanding the world surrounding us,
     identifying objective in life, and selecting optimal policies.
     It has been the instinctive inner mind's guidance to collect sufficient material evidences from the unearthed
     pre historic cultural jade sculptures to unveil the beginnings and development of Human races and their
     carved scripts from 1979 and continued to now.
4-1. 1977-1982
        Design & Lecturing of
        Four Courses of Business & Industrial Systems Design, Development & Implementations
        MBA Programs, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
4-2. 1978-1980
4-2-1.        Orion Pacific Limited Consortium Bank
                  Systems Design Inter Banking Financial Systems
                  Develop Dealing Transactions Banking System
4-2-2.        Bank of Bermuda Limited, and associated Management Companies
                  Feasibility Studies & Conceptual Design of
                  Investment Banking and Trusts Management System  

5.  1982-1986 H Kan Lau & Associates Limited

5-1.        Bank of Bermuda Limited, and associated Management Companies
               Design, Development & Implementations of Investment Banking and Trusts Management System  
5-2.         Development & Implementations of  Investment Management System
               Bank Indosuez Limited, Hong Kong

               Development of International Investment Banking and Trusts Management System

6.  1986-1989
     Telecommunications Projects
     Fact Findings and Investigations of Origins of  Chinese Cultures
     「太極」,「道,德」, 「精,氣,神」(Stage I)

7.  1990-2002  Quasar Technologies Limited 

      Multimedia Communications Hardware & Software
      Off-line CD ROM software
      On-line Multimedia software
       Real Time Databases
       Real time Knowledge Bases
       Real Time Intelligence Information Bases

8.  2002-Current
     Internet Communications
     Human Real Time Intelligence
     Origins of Human Races & Intelligence
     Sculptures, Symbols and Scripts
     「太極」,「道,德」, 「精,氣,神」(Stage II)

9.  2014-
      Human Consciousness versus Human Models:

      Classical Science, Quantum Reality, & 「太極」,.「道,德」, 「精,氣,神亅