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      劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶    The Mind, and  Early Life of  H Kan Lau 

Looking Back fro 2014: Why it happened & how it happened   2014.02.26 Draft

This has been a continuous process of matching the intimate inner mind with what had been going on in the world around me since birth 1943.

There had been tremendous urge of the inner mind to match what what had been stored within it.  As it happened most of the documentations recorded in books had not been

compatible with my mind.  Fortunately, by 1967, I came into contact with Electro Magnetics Wave Propagations with Professor P. Sylvestor, and subsequently studied

Quantum nature of the Physical world,  Optimal Information Control, Digital Communications.  In the summer of 1967, we had performed intensive weegie board experimentations,
and I suspected the phenomena were driven by inherent mental information communication & control mechanism, currently unaccountable by the physical laws as we know them
within human knowledge base.  As Daddy had told me that great grand father had indoctrinated him that 「道」had been the bodily external force controlling us, and 「德 」had
been the internal force controlling us.  Since 1967, I began to interpret the mechanism of 「道」&「德」as real time physically mechanism, not accountable by modern physical laws
of science. I imagine might be that mechanism  had been imbedded in the observational mystery of  the Quantum particles and wave mechanism.

During the 1970-1974 period, I formulated Adaptive Optimal Information Control to simulate  Econometric Control Model.    At the same time, I adapted that same model to
simulate my life events, and subsequently, I tried to use it as my guiding model to probe into, not only my inner mind but also the external material world as well as the information
(spiritual) world. In 1977, I decided to return to Hong Kong where my mind could work naturally, instead of playing games of pretentious arguments based on logical and assumption,
as the prevailing North American culture.  After the death of Chairman Mao, and the collapse of  the Gang of four, tremendous outflow of unearthed jade sculptures appeared in the
open market and their inspirational touches, unmatched by Picasso, Henry Moore, 張大千,徐悲-鴻  immediately caught my attention. That was the beginning of the behind the scene
activities in the late 1970s and the 1980s.   As so much unearthed Sculptural Jades  connecting the 有緣粒子 had accumulated, I decide to devote full time working on them  since
the Fall of 2002, not engaged any more on the bread and butter aspects of Information Technologies.

Childhood Memories:

When the Allied Forces were planning to land Sandakan, British North Borneo in1945, the Japanese was informed of where about of Daddy. They arrived at our home on the remote
tiny island, where Daddy was hiding , working on resistant activities. Not finding Daddy, the Japanese army arrested mother, two brothers, and a sister, and slaughtered them on the
same evening. I managed to escaped to the neighbor 昌伯 's home. The exact escape itinerary, had never been reveled. It night have been the works of spirits (entangled particles)
within the related people in coordinating the episode. I had forever, treasured my life and forever looked for connectivity in LIFE & delving into the meanings of LIFE.    

Since a small child, my inner mind used to observe and guided me through the years relocating from place to place, including the Civil war, Liberation, Land Reform,.
Four years in Guangzhou working in a seedling shop, roaming on streets, reading picture books at the Floating Library on the shore of Pearl River, in addition to attending
warm spirited and serious schools memories.    

The Hong Kong schooling had open my mind of curiously to the Western world as well as the Eastern culture. No teachers then, had the instinct to tell the real meaning behind, 
Holy Trinity, 老子, 孔子.   Everything was explained according to the books, without feelings or emotion.
High School Mathematics had been pure common sense and should have been covered in one year instead of 5 years.  Chemistry is all about the relationship within the periodic
Table, Laws of Physics could not really reveal the world dynamics, and instead left more questions than clarifying how the world works.  The most memorable statement I heard
those years,was from Mr Youngsaye, a returning  Australian  Chinese Physics teachers: "Sounds Right is Right" which echoed what I had been depending on, my inner mind.
Indeed it has been my heart and the inner mind which had been making my judgments in my journey of LIFE.

As it unfolds now, the mind is full of accumulated entangles particles   

It was at McGill and University of Toronto, that I came to contacts of the Quantum phenomena, Electro Magnetic Wave Propagations, Information Communications & Control Systems,
workings of digital computers and their applications. Since 1971, I also applied Adaptive Optimal Information Systems Model in reviewing my LIFE and its subsequent plans.

In actively implementing Industrial, Commercial, Banking, Investment & Financial On-line applications, both in Training, System Investigations, Designing, Developing, and Implementations,
I slowly swift  to applications to dig into more understand my Self, the Family Tree, the off-line Human Knowledge Base, and the real time Natural Intelligence.   


Dedicated efforts had been made to investigate the following:

Classics literature search, for the physical scientific implications of :「氣」 ,「神」,「太極」,「道」,「德」,「精」,「易」,「占卜」的物理現象意義;






Off-line Multimedia Knowledge Bases

On-line Multimedia Knowledge Based

Real Time Intelligence assisted with on-line Knowledge Base  Implementations


2002-2014 & continuing:  Full time Studies and Investigations of  the Unearthed  Jade Sculptures and Scripts in relation to the currently available
historical descriptions centering 史記 compiled by 司馬遷  (86BC-146BC) in the Western Han Dynasty

Segmenting the collections by Region by Period

Photography and  Documentation

Analysis Results

Synthesis of Conclusions