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 香港 劉漢根先天与後天的「自力2012.12.12    群星科技2012.05.01版本    2012.12.25Version   人類種族及文化起源發展圖     2013.05.18開始   劉漢根的博客
群星科技自1981 的項目  一生心靈的回歸:  人類智慧与知識的機際闋係 (2010.08.30) 1.  岀土智慧硬件的啓示   2.  心靈智慧与知識軟件的融合 (2012.03.15)
 跑了6個12年馬圈的里程碑    劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶    The Mind, and  Early Life of  H Kan Lau      

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                         英文是西方羅輯文字,傳統漢字是東方心靈結晶的文字: 兩者一併共用,相亙相承,21世紀羅輯心靈交叉亙動的好用文
DBS Classmates email 2014.03.12                 The placid setting in Shanghai where I investigated  the Pre History  2006-2014 在上海我工作的地方

                                        A 21st Century Integration:   Quantum Information Control Systems Studies of Life:
            Real time model of LIFE in rediscovering Prehistoric History           
                           English conveys logical deductions of the head and Chinese character scripts conveys instantaneous flow of images from the mind/heart. 
     Hong Kong offers a breeding ground to integrate English of logics with Chinese character scripts of the mind - An unified language of logic & the mind. 

A personal adventure:           
East meeting the West (1943-1977),  West meeting the East (1977-2013)  and Integration (2014- beyond )              Last update:  2014.03.08

                                             Rewriting the Human History and Rediscoveries of Human Pre History of Races and Language Scripts:

                                                                   Information sharing properties of: 心靈中的Quantum "entangled particles"           

                 Human Pre-History interpreted according to 「心靈」Information Control & Unearthed Silicon Jades     2013.04.27 版本

               心靈中的 "entangled particle" 萬物共享「太極陰陽粒子」「因果」「緣份」「神通」之資訊共享因素現象:                                                   
    Nature of Human LIFE: Perspectives  from "Entangled Particles" Intelligence &  unearthed Jades Knowledge  in development

      「太極」, 「神靈」,「神通」,「靈犀」「心靈」 Interpreted according to Quantum "entangled particles"   2014.02.28 版本

                                                                               Incorporating the information sharing properties of "entangled particles":
                  Model  of LIFE (West meeting the East   「太極陰陽粒子」,「道,德」 & 「精,氣,神」:

         The information instant sharing properties of " entangled particles" or "太極陰陽粒子"resolves the mysterious functioning of LIFE ? 
         The information function of "緣份粒子" finally has been confirmed by Quantum Computing experiments:

甲午年正月初一日 Western Quantum Science Reveals the Key to How LIFE actually Works: 

            This website reports the nature of Human Knowledge versus Natural Intelligence as results of accumulated investigative efforts since 1943.
            The technologies of 4G and very soon 5G is now facilitating us real-time access to events as they unfold. Our Knowledge based Textbook  of
            off-line deterministic Models (概定性的模型) are slowly becoming outdated. 牛頓一類的概定性科學模型,在量子的角度上,在人性的應用上,已是
            被認為不正確了. That is, human nature should be viewed at the level of Quantum information control view point.
            In recent years, in attempts to develop Quantum Computers, engineers had created  "entangled particles" and place them at distance locations
            to prove that information could be shared by the pairs of entangled particles instantaneously at speed faster than light. This discovery confirmed
            to us that Human Natural Intelligence had been working for ages since human races began via the "entangled particles" as instincts or spirits, but
            was ignored by the West as well as the East in the past two centuries.  They had been identified as
「太極」,「靈犀」, 「神靈」or「神通」had
            been practiced and worked in the Eastern culture at least since the time of 三皇五帝.

            Model  of LIFE (West meeting the East   「太極陰陽粒子」,「道,德」 & 「精,氣,神」:
 West Meeting the East in the 21st Century:
"失道而後德,失德而後仁,失仁而後義,失義而後禮。";「道」, 「德」had been more fundamental than the Rituals of 孔子的""""""

               「道」, 「德」had been the external and internal information control system respectively interacting within the human mind with the outside world & universe ,          
               Western Zhou dynasty implemented a set of Rituals (
), due to the lost of meaning and practice of  「道」, 「德」as in the time of 「三皇五帝」. By Eastern Zhou,
               at the time of the Warrior States,  ConFuTze 孔子 attempted to restore the Rituals (
), of Zhou, which had been the superficial gestures rather than the real time
               information connections between the inner mind and the exterior world as in the old days of  「三皇五帝」facilitated by the natural Mapping function of the Entangled
               The 1930s Quantum Theories and recent Quantum computing innovation established the Scientific basis for us to interpret the real time information communications
               features of 
「道」, 「德」as practiced by the family members of 「三皇五帝」.

          As Quantum Computers will become a reality in a matter of years, in order not to be controlled by ultra fast automatic controlled machines,
            Human kinds has no choice but to revert back to our Natural Intelligence in order to survive by fundamentally over hauling our education
            curriculum at schools and universities in order not to continue generating knowledge robots, which can easily be controlled by mechanical
            Robots driven by Quantum Computers on behalf of the major corporations or sinister States.   

2014.02.28  Real-life Applications & Historical Findings using our minds' Model of LIFE 
connecting pre historical information via "entangled particles" embedded in unearthed Silicon Jades   
              Where did we came from & who we wereOrigins of development of the human scripts......

  The success of quantum computing experiments in transmitting information instantaneously, faster than the speed of light without any physical
            carrier over space separating them, has proved how
「太極」,「靈犀」, 「神靈」or「神通」had been practiced and worked in the Eastern

            This phenomenon
, due to the formulation of entangled particles in the Quantum Theories in the1930s, and called by Einstein as the "spooky
            action at a distance"
. The entangled particles  in sharing information at a distance had been proven by quantum computing experiments using
            electrons and photons in recent years.

            By virtue of the overwhelming  dependence on real time information devices and their controlling and monitoring our activities, as the conventional
            Knowledge base conveyed by the current curriculum of schools and universities are becoming obsolete.
            The new generations brought up in the knowledge base conveyed by the current curriculum of school and university has become obsolete,
            incapable of motivate our next generations to cope with the world surrounded by real time information as they unfolds.
            In the past, Science was taught as the applications to the tangible material world. The recent revelation that the physics of 
had been justifiable by experiments, in term of "entangled particles", will encourage many potential youngsters to practice
            their own minds in interpreting daily events including their textbooks and lessons.
            Knowledge bases are never meant to be complete and perfect. They are only the mental models of the world or part of the universe our fellow
            human fellows had perceived and attempted to project.  They were meant to be for your references, and if you can improve upon them.

            The real time information devices available nowadays, will assist us in making use of natural gift of Intelligence.
            2014 is a good year to start propagate the practice our natural gift of inherited Intelligence at birth.

            Deterministic Classical Sciences & Logic will give way to Quantum Information Control of our Minds :


           Resulting Implications:
           Studies of Unearthed Pre-Historical Jade Sculptures & Scripts as they had been collected by and
        reacting with the 有緣人 in connecting with and in collecting the pre historical information via
        "entangled particles" since 1979. As a result, the following pre historic records were identified:

            Unearthed Legacies before and after the Three Emperors & Five Kingdoms, Spiritual Jades, full of entangled particle,
            connecting with us :

出土三皇五帝前後富有「靈犀」,与我們連糸的文物 :




          Historical  Implications:  廿一世紀的中國地圖,看世界各人類種族,示音示意文字,都是源自青藏向四方申展而分佈:

          1. 早期



          2-2. 恐龍人与文字

          3. 青藏/新彊人類恐龍(龍的傳人)   

          4.     岀土的「神器」   我們是龍的傳人」与「龍」,「鳳」意的揭繞:  


          5. 更多出土玉品器史前歷史 &
          Additionally more pre history from unearthed cultural jades:

Unearthed Legacies before and after the Three Emperors & Five Kingdoms, Spiritual Jades,
            full of pre historical information from the entangled particle,
connecting with us :
出土三皇五帝前後的文物与富有「靈犀」的我們連糸 :





    新彊和田, 甘肅及太湖是人類最早期的創造文字起源地:



    四川,雲南,等原來種族: 筆者是漢皇室劉邦,劉傋,劉永後裔,都源自三皇五帝,最初來自青廣藏,新彊高鼻子的白種人.

    新彊和田, 甘肅及太湖是很早期的人類;也是創造最早期的文字的起源地: