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Model  of LIFE 
       The fundamental elements
                       「太極」,「陰陽粒子」,「道,德」 & 「精,氣,神」

劉漢根 2014.
Working examples of 劉漢根 sharing information in space and time instantaneously :

1. Recent quantum information experiments revealed the information sharing nature of "Entangled Particles"
enabled us equating entangled particles with
「太極」,「靈犀」, 「神靈」,「神通」,「緣份   :

2. Nature of 
    i. Quantum Particles   ii. Entangled Particles  &  iii. Teleportation 

i.  Quantum Particles:           
At the quantum level, entangled particles of one particle "knows" what state information of the other, even though
there is no physical means of communication between the particles at great distance.

Such phenomena were covered by a 1935 paper by Albert Einstein known as the EPR paradox, and considered
such behavior to be impossible. Einstein referred to it as "spooky action at a distance".

Recent experiments have confirmed entangled particles sharing information at a speed only one in 10,000 of the
speed of light.


ii. Teleportation:          

Today, numerous teleportation breakthroughs have been made. One example is at the University of Innsbruck.
ey were able to transfer key properties of one particle to another without using any physical link
Quantum teleportation has been replicated by numerous scientists all over the world a number of times.

iii. Entangled Particles:

When two particles are entangled, they share some of their basic quantum properties on a fundamental level — doing
something to one particle will automatically have an effect on the other particle changing to the corresponding state,
irrespective of how far apart they are, e.g. photons & electrons, not restrict only to sub atomic quantum particles.                

3.    Eastern Model of Human LIFE:

i. 「太極」have served as the fundamental pair of 「陰,陽粒子」elements of the Eastern model of natural intelligence,
     responsible for building up:


ii.   「道」, 「德」:    

ii-1. 「道」is the real time information control connected to the external 「有緣」粒子 entangled particles.

「德」 is the real time information control in our body directing us in life.

       「德」consists of streams of  「有緣」的 entangled particles accumulating as results of our activities,  and store at the
     「精」storage. Whenever needed, relevant 「有緣」的entangled particles will be retrieved from storage「精」 to match
        those information states from the
「有緣」的人 事物 in real time instantaneous sharing of information.
            West Meeting the East in the 21st Century:

"失道而後德,失德而後仁,失仁而後義,失義而後禮。";「道」, 「德」had been more fundamental than the Rituals of 孔子的"""""".   「道」, 「德」had been the external and
                internal information control system respectively interacting within the human mind with the outside world & universe ,
  Western Zhou dynasty implemented a set of Rituals (), due to the lost of meaning
                and practice of 
「道」, 「德」as in the time of 「三皇五帝」. By Eastern Zhou, at the time of the Warrior States,  ConFuTze 孔子 attempted to restore the Rituals (), of Zhou, which had been the
                superficial gestures rather than the real time information connections between the inner mind and the exterior world as in the old days of  「三皇五帝」facilitated by the natural Mapping function of the
                Entangled Particles.
               The 1930s Quantum Theories and recent Quantum computing innovation established the Scientific basis for us to interpret the real time information communications features of 
「道」, 「德」as practiced
               by the family members of

iii.    「精」,「氣」, 「神」is the mechanism of our body in storing, generating and communicating information within the
        body, with the external world, making use the information sharing of the entangled particles

iii-1.「精」is the storage of dormant seeds of natural intelligence consisting of inherited and  acquired after birth. They
        are the seeds for generating matching entangled particles pertaining to the intelligent information of the past generations,
        as well as the condensed intelligence accumulated from knowledge and experience from this life time.

「氣」has been the circulating streams of 有緣entangled particles , dormant seeds() within the body. While we
        exercise our
小周天,flows of  entangled particles will be generating control information to regulate the bodily health and
        intelligent tasks. As well,
「氣」will co-ordinate with 「神」to liaise external information & control external activities.  

iii-3.  「神」is human's ability to link internal information with the external world, by sharing information with the 有緣entangled
This recently proven properties  entangled particles, has been capable of  sharing information with the
         matching entangled particles belonging to
「有緣人」 or 「有緣物」.



量子糾纏」的「科學性」打開了東方傳統 「太極」,「道 ,德」,「精 ,氣 ,神」

「生命」模型 「科學性」運作理論, 替我們拾回「靈」世界運作事實的信心 ?

Working examples of 劉漢根 sharing information in space and time