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      劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶    The Mind, and  Early Life of  H Kan Lau 


Good observation, thanks for the reminder:

Yes, I should adopt the positive tone.

The contempt had been built up accumulated by my rejecting all the wrong models and their implementations
as I had confronted them.

Without feeling contempt, I would not have built up such strong feelings to get the roots out of them.

 OK, in presentations, I will keep them to myself, now that I have seen them evolving independently and
somehow now the best minds of the West begin to converge to the very old aged wisdom: 「心靈」 .

Yes, the themes are as you mentioned:

    1 . This positive notion is about Western Culture converging with ( or should say "to") Eastern

     This paper is about the CONVERGENCE of :::

     2 sets of minds/souls (Western & Asian),

     2 different ways of thinking & feeling.

     2 separate independent paths we human have been searching for   
     10000 yrs of who are we.

2 . You said my years in DBS, McGill and UT were not wasted. Without those knowledge which is an accumulation
of Western science from the last 500 years, I would  not be where you are today.    
On reflection again, I am pretty much sure that I had behaved the way I had been, being driven by
since birth. It had been by heritage,  as a member of the  劉氏,traceable to 斧燧氏
by script name and by plentiful of unearthed jade sculptures.
五帝also belonged to the same family tree.
In fact, I had never (or seldom) taken any knowledge model from textbooks without modifications. I had been
operating always in the real time reactive mode,  guided  by my inner ancestral mind (

You said:

“Everything in Life (life of a person, life of a culture/nation and most important, life of a discipline of knowledge has

its own TIMING and SPACE. It took 500 years of Western Science to unlock the mystery of our Asian mind.”
Yes, if you consider “Knowledge” has also a “LIFE”, I then have to ponder how an knowledge model can take
the form of “entangled quantum particles”, unless  it meant the model implemented in the minds of an individual.

Unearthed  Artifacts Sourcing:

One could not got those complete digs of cultural unearthed artifacts in antiques shops at Hollywood Street.  

It had been the result of connections of my inner minds with the artifacts, the network of agents throughout  an extended
period of time.

It also had been a continuous project over space and time in the connectivity of network of entangled quantum particles
In the very early stage, I had decided to buy up all very ancient jade artifacts with carved scripts on them immediately
as they appeared. This was how it worked: as soon as they were found, and was identified as desirable target, I would
conclude with my focused person on a  deal for as the number of pieces in the find and on the dollar amount.

It had been those quantum entangled particles linking us all together:  

I enclose this also to YTG, who has been instrumental in equating the information sharing properties of entangled
quantum particles residing in the media to
「太極」, or 「靈」.