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      劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶    The Mind, and  Early Life of  H Kan Lau 


It is a case sharing the information to be conveyed by the massive entangled particles within me stored at birth, and regenerated
during my life time, resulted by interacting with
有緣緣份之人,& 有緣份之物體。

in the language of quantum reality, 就是 the streams of entangled quantum particles making up the (意識) consciousness.
existing matching streams of entangled particles, or will generate the matching streams of entangled particles such
that the changes of states in one person's mind  will convey the notion from one to the other.

You read :

and then read my lists of my inherited as well as the acquired experience which had generated the information bases in terms
of the numerous non countable streams of entangled particles.

If you have , or will generate those matching particles, you will receive the 有緣 意識。

Get hold of Patrick, he has been searching hard, and was able to regenerate, or generate matching particles to share information
in that manner.

Interacting with him, you will surely generating those matching  particles to match mine, such that you will be able to receive my 有緣之意識.

Give me your specific questions and I will try hard to explain in the specific context.

Your raised questions are academic in nature. By addressing them. might not be able to help you to make things work.

In any case, I will address to your list of questions, to close the loops.

 1. The East versus the West in light of Quantum reality::

 2. My entangled particles of my LIFE, before and after birth:

Talk to you later,