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 Please think of any thing else that might need a bit clarification to bridge the gaps among the things I have mentioned.

The world or the universe has been very simple according to the 「太極」,「道,德」& 「精,,神亅, until messed up by
classical sciences and organized religions.

In order to get out of the Black Hole, one has to unlearn all the models picked up  in this confused world of Knowledge Models.

The experimental proves of how the entangled quantum particles work, permits me to put the model  of 「太極」,「道,德」,
「精,,神亅, together after equating 「太極」 with  the entangled quantum particles.

The missing gap has been what is the dynamics our ancestors assume them to be  working in Nature. Now that Quantum Physics
has enabled us to unlock the meaning of

If you unlearn everything you had pick up, and go into the dynamics of the workings of 「太極」,「道,德」,& 「精,,神亅,
you will be able to see things as I have been seeing.

I will just going to explain what these meant, as well as answering your questions.

Read the following as it clearly addresses the flaws of classical science as well as the Western culture versus the Eastern tradition
which might have lost today in the Mainland as well as in HK:

Print it out and read it  carefully first. It will dissolve many misleading thoughts before picking up the proper ones.

What a good beginning for the year of  the Horse.