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I am addressing your posted questions on quantum entangled particles phenomena in order to comprehend
 the dynamics of 「太極」,「道 ,德」,「精 ,氣 ,神」, which the best minds of the West will begin to
connect Science with Human Consciousness.       
(1) quantum physics :
Classical theories from Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Pontryagin, Norbert Wiener are  on tangibles.

 the mid-1920s Quantum phenomenon was proposed by  Werner HeisenbergMax Born and Pascual Jordan.
They attempted to address the dual particle & wave nature, but with uncertainties due to difficulties in measuring.
Classical science was not able to fully describe the behavior of "particle" and "wave". in quantum nano scale.

(2) quantum particles & waves:
For quite a long time, I had been puzzled by their relationship, as no one was able to specify the  relationship between them
in deterministic (definite)  quantitative terms.
I knew the Heart works through the mechanism as I have equated them as 「太極」: particles controlled by waves as shown
by the 太極圖 .
YTG pointed out to me few years ago, that someone had performed experiments on entangled particles in instant information
sharing to the decoupled particle placed at a distance, as the phenomenon I had been looking for. At that time, I dare not
imagine that experimental demonstration could be accepted as a definite property of sharing instant information to be trusted
as an inherent properties derived from humanly engineered experiment. 
This time 18 January, after YTG insisted the phenomena on me, I checked  on the recent experimental results and was convinced,
the 太極圖  actually conveys that information distant sharing of entangled pairs/groups located at an acceptable distance, say 100KM.
Upon careful re-examinatioins, this phenomena finally resolves fully the dynamics of 
太極」,「道 ,德」,「精 ,氣 ,神」 as a model,
accounting for human LIFE interacting with fellow human beings as well as with any other objects.  

(4) entangled particles & quantum information 糾纏粒子:

A pair of entangled quantum particles always share the same quantum state placed at point A, no matter what happens to
to the matching one located at B. 
By placing one of the entangled particles at a distant point B, and change its quantum state at point B, the quantum state
of the matching particle at point A will change to the same state as the one at point B, and vice versa and so on.       

This quantum properties of entangled particles demonstrates "萬物皆有靈" or "心有靈犀一點通" as we had experienced.
"靈" has been precisely the information sharing property of those entangled quantum particles. 

(5) Time-Space relationship of all the above: 

The sharing of information of the entangled quantum particles, occurs instantly in no time, much faster than the speed of light,
and at any distance apart, which are beyond any explanation by classical scientific models.