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I have been retracing my steps by step development of my mental model as they happened.

 1. A missing gap left open in my working model has been, as I stated all the time,
"Relationship between quantum particles as controlled by quantum information"

I remember you had alerted me few years ago that quantum teleportation engineering had been successful:

Deterministic quantum teleportation with atoms

 25, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria

At that time , I was not convinced by the engineering  imitations at distance not far apart enough.

2. In fact I have been looking for a more convincing natural process to illustrate a "Relationship between quantum
particles as controlled by quantum information" which could have accounted for people to people as well as people
to unearthed pre-historical jade sculptures in instant information communications at a distance in spaces and time,
associated with my personal experiences of communicating with the agents of sourcing the unearthed pre historical
jade sculptures and with the artifacts myself.

At that time, my working model was not yet ready to  accept the  "quantum teleportation" engineering as an integral
part to form a complete model.

3. As more experimental results creating more entangled pairs and placing at a much longer distance have been
achieved, the information sharing of "quantum entangled particles teleportation" at distant space and time can now
explain the "dynamics of quantum information with quantum particles"  accountable to the
,,神」model of human Consciousness coinciding with my experience.

4. The ultimate Eastern model of Human Consciousness

is summarized by  太極」,「道,德」,「精,,神」.

Many papers from today's Western scholars, have been trying to converge to the spirits of「太極」,「道,德」,
,,神」model of Human Consciousness.

Many thanks again in trying so very hard to put in that missing part to complete my model, of forces guiding me in
my LIFE's journey.

I will be cleaning up the wordings in my write ups to be consistent.




Dear DBS63Classmates,

I like to share my today's email to YTG who helped me in completing my LIFE model, derived from my LIFE's journey
according to Human Consciousness that had been ignored by the Western scholars since Renaissance and classical

Western scholars have been working on the less than 5% tangible portion of the Universe ever since the times of Greek

The missing part has been the revelations of the "Quantum entangled particles & information", which I used to interpret
according to: 

As I discussed with YTG, the nature of  「太極」turned up to be the the entangled quantum particles and information
whose properties had been recently, in past 12 years, demonstrated by engineering experiments of teleportations
of entangle particles sharing information instantaneously at distant space and time, at speed faster than light by virtue
of sharing the instantaneous information of quantum  states changes of the entangled particles.

Those enlightened members of the new generation equip with such human consciousness, will be very bored of the
traditional texts from schools and universities. Learning experiences in the Quantum age will have opened their
minds to contact with targeted people or objects, from whom, or from which information exchanges will be in real
time instantly executed by instant changes of quantum states of their entangled particles.......

Our education system has been a system of generating mechanical parts to be fitted to our mechanical world designed
according to the classical sciences, and the wishes of the individualistic political economy .....

I myself have been trying very hard to get out of that, and have been fortunate to have sufficient means in the process
trying to come up with a more enlightened model.

Finally, by instinct, I found out after so much searching, the model had been there, since my the very old age of 三皇.

As it happened, it was explained by clusters of Chinese characters whose meaning could never been pin pointed in the past.
In that mode, no bodone had been able to interpret them scientifically so far, until the discoveries of the nature of the
quantum universe recently, and proven by engineering implemntations. 

YTG has tried very hard in helping me connecting them. I again express my gratitude to all guidance and hints in life and
finally been able to close the loops in reaching the origins where LIFE began.

Have an enjoyable journey in LIFE, and the Lunar New Year,