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      劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶    The Mind, and  Early Life of  H Kan Lau 

2014.01.20       Quantum Entanglement has Explained the Sharing of Pre Historic Information Between Unearthed Jade Sculptures           
    Quantum Entangled Particles Explained the Human Sharing of Information Between Pre Historic Jade Sculptures  (Draft2014.01.22)

Quantum communications has been instantaneous between the pairs/groups of entangled  quantum particles between each pair or
group located at a different space or time. 
Mankind will eventually understand, human sharing of information with human kind and pre historical objects can now be accountable
by effects of classical sciences acquired from schools and universities.

According to太極」, 「,「德」,「精」,「氣」, & 「神」, LIFE had been an informational inter-relationship with all parties
in the Universe as controlled by the information states of the entangled quantum
particles faster than speed of light .
The universal sources from entangled quantum particles information will redefine the meaning and nature of LIFE
coinciding the
old aged practice prevailing in the 三皇時代. 「
太極」, 「,「德」,「精」,「氣」, & 「神」. This model , had been representing
the reality of Human Consciousness in the very old aged  Chinese tradition.

The informational dynamics of groups of entangled quantum particles connected together by information according to their changes
of information states.  

As well, retrieving pre historical information from unearthed jade sculptures and scripts, requires 「有緣人」 linked in time  to
those events, with the matching entangled quantum particles.
I. Childhood Awareness of 「道」&「德」, Legacies from  斧燧氏 :

I-1.「道」&「德」 are control information in nature:

I was told by Daddy that Great Grand Father reminded us 「道」is the external information force influencing us, and
「德」is the information force within us that would be guiding us.  From childhood, my life had been guided by
「道」&「德」,  and eventually survived from wars, the political and social turmoils. As I reflected, I had been guided 
spiritually and came out safely from many perpetual traps in humanity.  

Though「德」&「道」had been working for me since babyhood, only recently I was able to identify them as quantum
phenomena. This quantum phenomena was closely linked to dynamics of quantum entangled particles inside the human
body and those exterior to the human bodies, as the communications nature of the quantum entangled groups had been
demonstrated by experimental quantum communications engineering projects.

II. Schoolings and Universities:

Schoolings and universities had put my heart in touch with Chinese Classics, Christianity, Sciences, and Automation. By
70, I was able to consolidate and integrate in my mind, the Newton's particle theory, Maxwell's wave theory, and Lev
Pontryagin & Norbert Wiener's Information Control Theory  in the background of Quantum Reality.
The key themes in Automation has always been interactions of human and computers & machines. It has been
significant to make sure Automation systems are designed for the benefits of human rather than human serving the

As I worked on research at University of Toronto in Adaptive Optimal Control Process in Economic matters, I became
more and more convinced that "Life has been a real time adaptive optimal feedback control process".
In reality, our understanding of human LIFE  and the associated humanities had been so scarce to account for how the
inner minds work.  Subsequently, I became interested in finding out what LIFE actually is, from the perspectives of
Optimal Adaptive Control Dynamical Process. Software of LIFE  matters meant much more to me than the controlled
tangible economics measured in dollar values.

I wondered at times, does the human bodies and minds work similar in modes according to the principles of  Optimal
Adaptive Control Dynamical Process, but in the quantum reality of the information transfer mode of Quantum entangled
particles  rather than those classical modes according to the Mechanics of Newton and Electro-Magnetics of Maxwell.

III. Fact Findings via 「道」&「德」:

After returning to Hong Kong  in 1977, I became interested in gathering facts and evidences in the hope of constructing
a system model accounting for the origins of the Chinese race and civilization. Coincidentally, as the mainland opened
its market in 1978, abundant unearthed artifacts appeared in Hong Kong for the affluent overseas markets. Since 1979,
I have started collecting specimens of them and have also commenced interacting with them ever since.

III-1. Unearthed pre historic artifacts:

I had been  instantly struck by the inspirational art forms of the unearthed jade stone sculpture carvings and scripts with
intimate feelings that I had own them before. By 2002, so many collected specimens of unearthed artifacts had been
accumulated that I decided to devote full time working on them. By 2005, after taking sufficient photographs of them,
I set up a website for my preliminary analysis results:

III-2. 「三皇」&
「五帝」Family was White:

Lake TaWu numerous jade sculptures reappeared showing the features of high nosed, angular faced, long
faced, and big ears bearing the outstanding features of the white races at Persia, and the Asian Minor.   
In order to be close to where the 「三皇」spirits, in 2005, I set up a residence at the Neolithic site at Shanghai
between 青浦 and 佘山 at the Yangtze River Delta about the Lake TaWu region.
My mind was absorbed days and nights
in the images of the unearthed jade sculptures and the carved scripts. I had to work alone, as I was not able to find any
one from the established institutions to work together.
III-3. Gathering Spirits between Hong Kong and Shanghai:

From 2006 to 2014, I continue to work in isolation retrieving the essence from my inner mind, to correspond to the
information released from the artifacts. Photographs were taken at my Hong Kong studio, which also houses some of
the collection. The Sheshan International Golf Course served as the place where I golfed as well as   spiritual information
converged into scattered concluding statements posted on my website from time to time.  It had been many hot summers
and cold winters, before I was able to come up with an consolidated vision as how human races began and how our
forefathers had toiled before beginning their Lake TaWu adventures of developing 「三皇」&「五帝civilization
in the
In the process, I might have accumulated so much affiliated entangled quantum particles, that had been ready to receive
massages from the related entangled particle lying within the jade artifacts, or in the minds of those happened to be

III-4. Consolidations of  West Meeting East in the 21st Century:

By January, 2014 I managed to put the loose ends together and formed a full picture on which the West meets the East, as
presented on the first web page of :

   Human Physical Transformation from Human Dinosaurs:  

     III-5-1.  The Physical Body:

     From the unearthed pre historical carved jade sculptures collected since 1979, we had long aware that our ancestors had
     recorded that human originated in the Tibetan/Qinghai and Xinjiang regions evolving from Human Dinosaurs hundred of
     millions of years ago. As these early human races migrated eastwards and westwards, after the ice age, ancestors of
     「三皇五帝」migrated from  XIngJiang to the Lake TaWu region. This ruling clan had already  inherited from their forefathers
     the communications skills, transmitting and receiving signals wirelessly similar in appearance to today's mobile phones.
     Information transmission might be vis entangled quantum particles pairs generated individually or transmitted by some manner
     to the individuals. The coupling of changes of  quantum states of these entangled particle would have transmitted the inflow flow
     automatically instantaneously. We assume they were well aware that the universe had been composed of particles controlled by
     and interacted by the dynamics of
太極」,「道,「德」,「精」,「氣」, & 「神」. We were left to connect these component subsystems
     partially demonstrated by development of our engineering simulations/imitations of the quantum dynamics of human consciousness
     already modeled and specified by our gifted ancestors in the era of 三皇. 

    III-5-2. Chinese Han Race (中國的漢族):

     The unearthed jade sculptures demonstrated that early  Human Races Evolved from various types of Human Dinosaurs":
     According to the unearthed jade carvings there were two kinds of "human dinosaurs", the beaked and the big lipped/jawed
     ones, evolving into different human races.  They migrated towards the East and West forming the multitudes of races. 
     By closer examinations, the Chinese Han Race (中國的
漢族)  is not  simply a race, but a integration of most of the human
     races over time.

     III-5-3.  三皇五帝 had been the white people, sharing the same ancestry as those living in Persia and Asian Minor:

   三皇五帝 clans were the white, high nosed, angular featured face, evolved from the thin lipped beaked Human Dinosaurs:
      As the unearthed pre historical jade sculptures revealed,  the leadership clans of 三皇五帝 originating from the Tibet/Xinjiang
      and later established initially about the YangTze River Delta east of  Lake TaWu (太湖) area, where the fertile rice fields
      prospered after the Ice Age.   

IV. The Information Control Models:

      The symbol of 
TaQi,「太極亅actually might represent pairs of entangled Quantum particles responsible for instantaneous
      information control faster than the speed of light.
「道」, the entangled particles sources of information control exterior to
      the human body, as well as
「德」the entangled particles interior in  the human body, might have been responsible for the
      behavior of  Human kinds since human began.  The  millions of generation of inherited ancestors intelligence information
      and programs might have been residing somewhere in the brain controlled and operated by the mind/heart, traditionally
「精.  The information flow called 「氣」, directed by the mind/heart  to coordinate the body's physical and mental
      activities, .
      The information communications with the exterior is enabled by a process of 「神」. By a stream of entangled pairs of
      particles are split into two groups located at the source and at the target respectively. As the states of the source particles
      change, the corresponding disentangled particle's state follows. Thus, a stream of information is being delivered from the
      source and received by the target. At quantum speed, the process of quantum information flow will be faster than light.

      Throughout ages, since the time of 孔子,耶穌,傳教士, the information 「神」, had been personified according to the
      Greek tradition. The Chinese character,「神」is not equivalent to the Hebrew tradition of  "Lord" or  "God" as presented in
      the Old or New Testaments.

IV-1.  The Western Scientific Models:

     Information Software Driving the Physical Hardware Particles:

     IV-1-1. Sciences of Hardware and Software:

     IV-1-2. Classical Science:
     Classical Science was initially based on particles theory as stipulated by Newton's in the late 18th century. The classical science
     doctrines have been dominating since the industrial revolution and is still prevailing today and has been the foundation of thoughts
     of our western material world.   

Modern Science, Information Control &  Instantaneous Quantum Entangled Particles States Information Sharing:

In the late 19th century, Maxwell formulated  the Wave Propagations Theory of Electromagnetic waves. After the second world
    war Norbert  Wiener, Lev Pontryagin  helped started the age of cybernetics and automation. After the 2000's experimental
    measurements confirmed that the universe consists of split groups of entangled quantum particles residing within human minds
    and pre historic artifacts whose quantum states might change and share the quantum states information instantaneously by
    all the parties separated in time and distance.

    IV-1-4. Integration of The Particle Theory, The Wave Theory, Automation Control and Quantum Information Reality:

    IV-1-4-1.  Convergence:
    I had finally discovered that only by integrating all these scientific discoveries of the greatest minds of the Western world, which
    would correspond to the Chinese genuine culture of  information & control models ascribed to as 「
    「氣」, 「神」.  By combining the best minds of the West since the 18th century can we see, together they are now merging into
    the Chinese inherent doctrine as interpreted today.

     IV-1-4-2.  Integration of Classical Sciences:  
Implementing the Adaptive Information Control model via entangled quantum particles to the Human consciousness will enlighten and
    may resolve the contradictions of many schools of speculative thoughts and conflicting religions organizations. Their off-line
    hypothetical assumptions and doctrines in the nature of human can be reviewed according to such a real time adaptive framework. 

    Only after integrating Newton's particle theory, Maxwell's wave theory, Automation formulations by Norbert
 Wiener, Lev Pontryagin  
    that particle physical systems can be controlled by information feedbacks.
    IV-1-4-2. Quantum Entangled  Particles:
    From recent experiments & applications of quantum entangled particles, the changes of states of entangled quantum particles will
    always match their corresponding pairs particles located at distant location.
    By virtual of quantum information sharing beyond time and locations, pre historical information from the the unearthed jade carvings
    were collected as soon as they were unearthed. Subsequently by connecting the quantum entangled particles, the information from the
    states information of the entangles groups had been shared by cultural development events in the pre historical times.

    V. Summary:
    Since the Renaissance, Newton, Maxwell, Pontryagin, Norbert Weiner, Schrodinger and the recent joint efforts in experimentations
    demonstrating the groupings of entangled quantum particles sharing the instantaneous changes of quantum states irrespective of
    locations and time. 
    The 21st Century is witnessing the integration of the most brilliant minds from West converges to the Eastern very aged old traditions
太極」, 「,「德」,「精」,「氣」, & 「神」as the meaning of LIFE.   
    V-1.  The Role of Quantum Entangled Particles



These  informational facts inherent to the pre historical artifacts, hidden beneath numerous  layers of historical soils, had been lost by
    the time
史馬遷 compiled 史記 2,100 years ago under the Emperor of 漢武帝.


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