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Unearthed Pre Historical Jade Carvings:   Human Dinosaurs, Human Scripts, and Quantum Reality of Particles, Waves, & Control


Dear DBS63'Classmates,

1. After spending past 2 months in the Neolithic cultural site of the Yangtze Delta  region stretching from  Lake TaWu to Shanghai, I am now back to
Hong Kong.During that period I was able to weave all in a single theme that identifies the information or spiritually based culture of
in setting the free flow nature of the 三皇五帝 era, and have been behind the driving forces in transforming human activities
throughout ages

2. Sciences:

2-1. Classical Science,
Classical Science was initially based on particles theory as stipulated by Newton's in the late 18th century. The classical science doctrines have been
dominating since the industrial revolution and is still prevailing today and has been the foundation of thoughts of our western material tangible world.   

Modern Science, Information Control & Quantum Wave & Particle Reality:
In the late 19th century, Maxwell formulated  the Wave Propagations Theory of Electromagnetic waves. After the second world war Norbert  Wiener, Lev
Pontryagin  helped started the age of cybernetics and automation. After the 1980's experimental measurements confirmed that the universe consists of
quantum particles controlled by quantum
 information waves of which quantitative model still beyond the capabilities of human's head, minds and hearts
to quantitatively specify.

I have toiled through all these since schooling, universities, control systems design & development  practices, and interactions with unearthed pre historical
jade carvings. I had finally discovered that only by integrating all these scientific discoveries of the greatest minds of the Western world, which would
correspond to the Chinese genuine culture of  information & control models ascribed to as
太極,「道,德」,「精,氣,神」. By combining the best
minds of the West since the 18th century can we see, together they are now merging into the Eastern old doctrine as interpreted in the 21st century
information society.

3. Integration of The Particle Theory, The Wave Theory, and Automation Control
in Human cultures will enlighten and may be resolve the contradictions of many schools of thoughts and their off-line hypothetical assumptions and
doctrinesin the nature of human. Among them are the the Christian Bible, Geek's thoughts, and classical sciences  resulting from  Renaissance. Only
after integrating Newton's particle theory, Maxwell's wave theory,
Automation formulations by Norbert  Wiener, Lev Pontryagin  that particle physical
systems can be controlled by information feedbacks, making use of the nature of quantum particles and quantum information. I  have summarized in
descriptive terms in relation to identifications of pre historical revelations from the unearthed jade carvings and sculptures in the following two web-pages
from the Quasar website: 



4. Unearthed Pre historical Jade carvings:
Since 1979, construction projects throughout the whole China have uncovered beyond words enormous evidences of cultural legacies hidden
underneath the historical layers of soils since
司馬遷 in Western Han   西漢 who wrote 史記 based on limited information then, from which subsequent
series of Chinese historical texts had been based and developed.

Due to the legal restrictions, unearthed pre historical artifacts had been forbidden for sale in the open market until in since 2005 in the mainland  market,
as wealth started to accumulate. As of now, not only in quantity but in quality, private collections started to overtake the national museums, and the major
museums in USA  and Canada. Inspirational pre historical jade carvings in private collections are now not available not only in The British Museum but
also The Louvre .

My personal pre historical collection must be the ultimate both in scope and depth both in revealing the traces regarding the origins of human races and
the scripts. In the mainland, both the official national museums and universities are dropping behind in collections and follow up investigations in the
pre historic times.    

In the past two years, the mainland private collectors have started complaining the mismanaging unearthed pre historical artifacts due to the state
organizations intentional
ignore the unearthed artifacts collections accumulated in recent years in the hands of private collectors.

5.  The unearthed jade sculptures demonstrated that early  Human Races Evolved from various types of Human Dinosaurs":
According to the unearthed jade carvings there were two kinds of "human dinosaurs", the beaked and the big lipped/jawed ones, evolving into different
human races.  They migrated towards the East and West forming the multitudes of races. 

By closer examinations, the Chinese Han Race (中國的漢族)  is not  simply a race, but a integration of all the human races over time.

6.  三皇五帝 clans were the white, high nosed, angular featured face, evolved from the thin lipped beaked Human Dinosaurs:
As the unearthed pre historical jade sculptures revealed,  the leadership clans of
三皇五帝 originating from the Tibet/Xinjiang and later established
about the YangTze River Delta east of  Lake TaWu (太湖) area, where the fertile rice fields prospered after the Ice Age.   

These facts had been lost by the time
史馬遷 compiled 史記 about 2,100 years ago of Han dynasty

So Hopefully Long ,